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Jerry Potter

Jerry Potter is a highly-rated social media speaker with 20+ years of experience as a broadcast professional and content media educator. Aside from his own successful podcast (The 6 Ways) & YouTube channel, he joyfully works with small business owners, groups, and organizations to amplify their social media results. His passion (aside from cheap pink frosted cookies) is introducing the world to modcasting by designing new multi-platform revenue generating podcasts. You also may recognize Jerry as the host of “The Social Media Marketing Talk Show”, the longest running weekly talk show dedicated to social media marketing.

Jerry’s dad jokes and supply of superhero t-shirts have been seemingly endless since 2010.

Candy Harper

“Everyone deserves their voice to be heard…”

With a whopping 25 years of professional broadcast experience under her baseball hat, she’s seen it all – from breaking news to fighting with celebrities to heartwarming stories that stay with you. When she’s not behind the mic, you can find her embracing her creative side for global entrepreneurs as a freelance creative director, bringing visions to life with a splash of flair and a touch of magic. Her current joy is dragging her tiny humans to far off corners of the world for “educational” purposes. 

Mindset: Eliminating The Perfection Paradox

While it’s important to set high standards for ourselves, an obsession with content perfectionism can lead to anxiety, self-doubt, and burnout. Learn how Modcasting works for you, not against you. 

Branding: Authentic Self

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” This isn’t just an Oscar Wilde quip you might see embroidered on a cheap pillow. Embracing true authenticity in your show not only sets you up for success but also allows you to create a meaningful impact in the lives of your customers. We will show you how.

Modcast: One Piece Of Content to Rule Them All

Imagine a world where you don’t have to create additional social media content to promote your podcast. Let us show you how to reclaim your time. Setting yourself up for future success BEFORE you hit record, that’s the secret to a multi-platform revenue generating show.