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We Help Entrepreneurs Kill 9 Birds With One Stone.

(not real 🐥…it’s fine.)

Your podcast should Grow Your Authority.|Generate Leads.|Accelerate Trust.|Build A YouTube Presence.|Become Your Social Content.|Attract New Audiences.|Grow Your Email List.|Improve Your SEO.|Turn Strangers Into Clients.

Thanks to ridiculously easy to use tech (hello AI!), creating a self-growing podcast that also grows your busine$$ is easier and faster than ever.

We’re professional radio personalities turned online content marketers, and now combine everything we’ve learned to help clients create podcasts that can become their entire marketing system…

…while taking hosts less than an hour per week.

Easiest. Show. Ever.

Big promises were made about podcasting…

Everyone said, “Upload weekly episodes, hoping an audience will show up.”

But the truth is the number of shows that get discovered in search or ranked in Apple Podcasts is close to ZERO. 😕

(Which explains why 99% of podcasters don’t even make it to 21 episodes).

If you’ve been Uploading & Hoping, you’re not alone…

In a recent survey, podcasters were asked, “Is your podcast having a measurable impact on your business?”

The #1 answer was, “Not yet.”

Not yet? This answer was even from people that have been uploading for YEARS.

Here’s the ugly truth…

You can’t market a podcast with JUST a podcast.

That’s why we created a new approach called Modcasting.

We spent 20 years as a professional radio personalities and those companies spent MILLIONS of dollars figuring out how to capture and hold attention.

Because if they didn’t have huge audiences? They’d have to file for bankruptcy.

Modcasting combines the strategies we used in radio with our last 9 years as a full time social media strategists…

…to create a unicorn: A “Self-Growing Podcast,” that only takes the host about an hour a week.

And you can have the same (if you do things the way we show you).

Why Now?

In the last year YouTube & Spotify started going on all in video podcasts, and thanks to the awesome tools we have now, creating them is easier than ever.

If you already have a podcast that’s not growing your business, how many more weeks are you going to waste publishing content that doesn’t help you the way it should?

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